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divM Solutions

divM Solutions focuses on the functional support and development of technical solutions within product development and industrialisation projects.

With many years’ experience from development of turn-key product solutions, divM Solutions is continuously developing product solutions from idea to finished product and associated process lines for clients across the globe. Acting as both internal team members or external project teams, we develop tomorrow’s products and industrial solutions in collaboration with our clients’ best interests ensuring effective, traceable and dedicated product development.

Being a technical partner for clients with and without R+D departments divM Solutions also acts as technical advisors for development and implementation of solutions, whilst also having the capacity to run and manage R+D departments for our clients. Together with well-honed risk analysis and QA processes, divM Solutions provides robust solution packages for clients, globally, big or small. Delivering everything from pre-studies to failure analysis, we take responsibility for the development of a product and its complete industrialisation.

Unique solutions often require unique experience. As such divM maintains access to the entire markets competence for application as needed under our leadership.

We specialise in the networking and management of these teams and offer a competence base necessary for the most demanding projects.

When the time comes for product alteration or revision, our competence core is available allowing our clients reliable continuity and efficiency.

Contact Person: Daniel Kreutz. Telephone: +46 735 417 485. E-mail: Daniel@divm.se