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Author: andreas parkosidis

divM has both helped to develop and attend the PMI Passion for Projects 2017 (PMI Sweden flagship event). With engagement in multiple event sectors – from event organisation via our PMI SE member of the board, Katarina Strömberg; development and control of event program via Ana Aurell and Marcus Engquist; – and participation in multiple interesting seminars over the two-day event. Thanks go to all who helped organise a fantastically successful event! Thanks even to those who participated in the conference, holding the divM flag high – Carla Poroca and Helena Edling-Andersson.

As a new branch of the divM family, divM Power focuses on new business areas within power and utility solutions. divM Power will immediately start with development of power projects in both Sweden and internationally lead by Andreas Parkosidis. Together with colleague Gunnar Hellström, Andreas will continue development of the land based cable installation in the Scottish project Caithness-Moray-Shetland, a 320kV transmission line over the Scottish highlands. For more information contact Andreas on 0735-417144 or Gunnar on 0733-462530.

Starting Spring 2016, divM SOLUTIONS, the new member of the divM family, will cater to functional delivery within product development and industrialisation. The department will be led by the exceptional Daniel Kreutz, a well-known face in the business and whom brings with him leadership experience from both ÅF and Epsilon. DivM SOLUTIONS will build a project hub able to manage both large and small projects for our clients. For more information contact Daniel on 0735-417485.