divm | Carla Poroca
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Author: Carla Poroca

divM grew out of its office space, and as such decided to relocate to newer and larger office space in the heart of Malmö. From the 1st of October you will find the divM offices at Södergatan 26 (211 34) in central Malmö.
Welcome up the steps – you’ll find us on the fourth floor!

European Spallation Source (ESS) will, upon completion, be the world’s most powerful source of neutrons. Part of the complex will come into operation during 2019 and if everything goes to plan, the entire complex should be ready for operation in 2025. DivM’s Jens Harborn is helping the ESS in this regard through senior project management for development of the chilling solution for the target station. His role will also include specification management and technical development of the control system for the entire complex.

Installation of a roughly 20km long section of the 130kV transmission grid is underway. Following existing routing, the connection Nysäter – Jenåsen in Sundsvall is lead and installed by divM Power for our Lithuanian client Zilinskis UAB for final acceptance by EON Elnät Sverige AB. The powerline is expected to be in use during the first half of 2018, dependent of course on how friendly winter 2017 will be…