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divM PM

divM PM focuses on the management of programmes and projects whilst offering our clients support for strategic, tactical and operational management..

divM PM’s leadership consultants have management experience from programme management, process management, management support, mentoring, personal development, and PMO management, amongst others. We have tried and tested experience in trying positions and have shown great aptitude for analysis, negotiation, communication, planning, monitoring, coaching and motivation developmentr.

divM PM’s project management and project coordinators divM PM’s project management and project coordinators can carry the burden of today’s complicated projects. Certification is common and experience of all aspects of modern project management gives our clients flexibility when it comes to roles such as coaches, facilitators, process developers and implementation specialists.

With many years’ experience from local projects to global virtual project solutions, divM PM runs all types of projects – be they iterative research to innovation, pre-development to final project closure. Capable of supplying single consultants or team solutions, divM works tirelessly in unison with our clients to solve the most demanding problems..

Contact Person: EvaLotta Wickström. Telephone: +46 735 417 244. e-mail: evalotta@divm.se