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Co Workers

Our strength - Same but different


This is our management philosophy. Aligned and unified, our adaptive approach gives us the power to act. We make the right things happen and don’t give up before they do. Harnessing the benefits of cultural diversity, divM prides itself on the range of cultures found within its consulting team. Leading to new ideas and local understanding of global business, divM’s knowledge, experience and understanding is available for our clients’ development, coaching and support of both technical solutions and personnel development.

Ana Aurell

Project Manager


Ana holds both PMP and ITIL certifications within project management and has accumulated almost ten years experience in leading projects from multiple industries: Installation, Software development, R&D, industrialisation and lately IT roll-out. By working in multiple different countries, Ana has acquired the ability to quickly adapt to new workplaces and processes whilst managing cultural differences found within international project teams. Ana is focused on delivery compliance and creation of structure in her work.

Phone: +46 (0)735-417488

Andreas Parkosidis

Business Manager PM and Project Manager


Andreas has over thirty years experience from change management, program management, and project delivery. Inquisitive by nature, Andreas is always looking for new solutions and has found that it’s always the little things that need to be addressed in order to succeed. Together with his team he continuously delivers results needed for an organisation to attain its goals, be this within technical projects, process development or implementation of projects.

Phone: +46 (0)735-417144

Charlotta Walse

Project Manager

Phone: +46 (0)766-190743

EvaLotta Wickström

Business Manager PM and Project Manager


EvaLotta is a senior change manager who has successfully run projects and programmes for more than twenty-five years within the process organisation and system sectors. She is powered and driven, able to rapidly develop an overview of project conditions and associated gaps to quickly be able to determine corrective or pre-emptive actions required to implement or complete tasks and projects. Her ability to engage people of all levels of the organisation is key to creating a climate that gives focus, consensus, support and the ability to act towards set goals.

Phone: +46 (0)735-417244

Helena Andersson

Project Manager


Helena is a skilled and committed project manager who enjoys a high pace and is comfortable running multifaceted projects. Helena holds PMI CAPM certification within project management and has multiple years experience in planning and implementing information systems. Her strength lies in her ability to create structure, establish plans and prioritize. Helena adapts quickly to new workplace environments and methods, and works actively to develop and implement processes and procedures for quality assurance and sustainability in project delivery.

Phone: +46 (0)702-477481

Julia Torstensson

Project Manager

Julia Torstensson

Julia is an engaged, results-driven and quality-minded project manager with a background in international business and strategy development. During her career she has encountered both large and SME companies across various industries and supported them in a wide range of projects, both with strategic and operational focuses, which means she has an ability to quickly get into new contexts and find solutions regardless of the challenge. Among her strengths are also process, structure and team development for value addition in the project delivery. Moreover, Julia has valuable experience and competence in the sustainability area.

Phone: +46 (0)709-751348

Katarina Strömberg

Project Manager


Katarina is a PMP certified project and program manager. Highly engaged and driven, Katarina holds twenty-five years of experience from highly technical and demanding projects and programmes within the medical, biotech, mobile communication and foodstuff sectors. Katarina has also successfully managed multiple organisational and development programmes. Her strength lies in her ability to create effective teams capable of delivering high quality project results. Enthusiastic and positive are words that describes Katarina and together with her experience makes her capable of handling the most challenging of assignments with confidence.

Phone: +46 0735-417573

Malin Borg

Project Manager

Phone: +46 (0)706-580949

Marie Roos

Business Developer – Sustainability

Phone: +46 (0)721-429268

Mikael Borefur

Project Manager


Mikael is a committed and dedicated PMI-certified Project Manager with a long experience within big and complex industrial projects. Strategic issues and stakeholder management on all levels are focus areas where his capacity comes to its complete use. As a leader he is often told that he has high demands on those who works with him as well as on himself using this in order to deliver the best results regarding the project in question.

Phone: +46 0768-994112


Gunnar Hellström

Operations Manager


Gunnar is a practical person with an enormous drive, a substantial know-how within electric power/building and with a leadership that is sincere but at the same time both inclusive and supportive. The more challenging and complex the building project seems to be the more focus and commitment it gets from Gunnar. To deliver is the only thing that matters.

Phone: +46 0733-462530